Mugabe, Mnangagwa and the MDC: A New Hope or the Empire Strikes Back?

As the Movement for Democratic Change challenges the recent election result in court after the ZANU PF victory and protestors take to Harare’s streets, tensions run high in Zimbabwe. With hope raised both locally and internationally about the prospects of a free and democratic Zimbabwe, investors have started to withdraw their praise for the emergent economy after Emmerson Mnangagwa won the election. Zimbabweans are suspicious that the ZANU PF won yet again despite Mugabe’s 37 year dictatorship

Neo-Liberal Economics and Disparity in the South African Health Crisis

Consequently, while the government advocates for “healthy lifestyles” in rural and poor areas in multi-million rand campaigns, it is impossible to achieve as the poverty stricken people the government are trying to reach struggle to maintain a below-par health let alone think about the effects of gluten on the body and whether to make their next salad with kale or spinach. How can non-communicable diseases in townships be stabilised if, for such a serious virus like HIV Aids, only 40% of those affected have access to ARVs?